Dell Networking

Your network is the backbone of your organization's IT. And you've likely seen it stretched to its limits in this era of virtualization, convergence, cloud computing, mobility, and the like.

Most networks were designed for client-to-server (north-south) data. But modern technologies like virtualization and convergence create traffic that moves server-to-server (east-west) within the data center. So architectures not optimized for this type of traffic can cause poor network performance and hinder the virtual era initiatives that depend on it.
In addition, your legacy networks can be complex, expensive, or limited by vendor licenses and roadmaps.
We can help you modernize your network with innovations shaped by our unique, time-tested and market-proven expertise in clients, servers and storage. With Dell Networking solutions, you can redefine networking economics and accelerate results in the virtual era throughout the enterprise.
For example, our data center networking solutions:

  1. Increase efficiency, with fixed-form-factor switching platforms — an approach lauded by Gartner analystsfor its cost-savings potential
  2. Deliver results faster, by delivering the high-performance networking with less power consumption
  3. Maximize productivity, with validated reference architectures that help you scale easily and confidently to thousands of virtual machines/servers.